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#1 Sellers Regret – Not Planning Early Enough

It may be tempting to put your house on the market now, especially with the increasing value of homes and decreasing interest rates. Before you do, consider Zillow’s research.


Over 10,000 surveyed home sellers report that not planning early enough created the most stress.

Your home will need some prep work. Clients always ask us:
What do I do first? What rooms should I prioritize? How much should I spend? 

Book a game plan call with us. We can guide you through the prep work that will bring you the greatest home value…because we know what buyers want in your neighborhood. 

Focus your attention on the kitchen, bathrooms and exterior of your home; potential buyers look at these areas first. We recommended the following hit list. 


Repainting kitchen cabinets in an off-white or navy hue will update them with a more modern look. Adding a skylight is another way to make the kitchen appear bigger and brighter.


Switch out your showerhead and other bathroom hardware for a more modern look, as well as repainting cabinets. Update the floor as budget permits. 

Choose warm neutrals when painting your exterior. Don’t forget your garage door and front door; they could boost the value of your home.

Consider painting your front door in a contrasting color, such as black or slate blue; this can yield up to $6,449 in increased value, depending on buyer preferences in your area. Upgrading your garage door yields an average 93% return on the cost.


What first? What Next? That’s where we can help.

Schedule a “Game Plan Call” with us and avoid the #1 seller’s regret.

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