Redwood Shores is an affluent community with well-planned developments and beautiful waterways throughout the area. The beautiful streets, trails and parks are all professionally maintained through a city-wide association.

Situated along the San Francisco Bay, Redwood Shores is a part of larger Redwood City, although the two don’t directly connect. This gives Redwood Shores residents access to the benefits of a larger city, including a branch of the library, while offering a smaller, more residential community.

Redwood Shores is home to several major tech companies, including Oracle Corporation and Electronic Arts. Employees enjoy the serene trails around the campuses that encircle lagoons, with stunning fountains and sculptures. There is a small shopping and dining area, with convenient access to San Carlos and Belmont across the freeway.

Real estate in Redwood Shores includes gated communities surrounded by lagoons and waterways, some with private docks, multi-million dollar homes, and condominiums and townhomes. Forbes magazine named Redwood Shores “America’s Top Selling Luxury Neighborhood” in 2009.