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8 Ways To Bring This Season’s Trends Into Your Holiday Decor

The holiday season is a time many people cherish—the welcoming of the cold, brisk air and spicy lattes. With the changing of the seasons often comes boxing up your summer decor and figuring out how you will decorate your home for the holidays that bring up the tail end of the year.

You might be one of those people that stick with the same theme and bring out your family’s precious and memorable decor items every year. But if you are wanting to spice things up or adopt a new design trend for this year’s theme, we’ll lay out the best decor trends for this holiday season.


1. Traditional and Nostalgic Christmas

Your family might have a whole attic full of traditional Christmas decor items that carry years’ worth of memories. Luckily for you, these items are timeless and therefore always make the trend list. Colors like red, green, buffalo plaid and burlap give your guests a warm and inviting feeling. If you’ve never done a traditional style Christmas before, here are some other items to consider for decoration:

      • Santas
      • Vintage ornaments
      • Garland
      • Poinsettias


2. Bright Colors

Perhaps the opposite of the traditional Christmas is opting for bright colors as a holiday trend for 2022. 2022 has been a rough year for a lot of the world, leaving many to rip up their rule book when it comes to decorating for the holidays. Choosing bright colors is a great way to make Christmas fun and exciting and not to mention, brighter colors are a great mood booster.


3. Natural Neutrals

Christmas time has an element to nature to it and evokes a sense of overall coziness. A holiday decor trend of 2022 that helps embody that feeling inside your home is choosing natural and neutral color schemes. Use natural colors like tans, sage greens, white and to give it pop, hints of gold. Add decorative elements from nature like pinecones, acorns, and leaves.


4. Gonks

You probably wondering, “what is a gonk?” Think garden gnome but cuter. Gonks are unique decor accessories and are set to trend for Christmas 2022. They come in all shapes and sizes and are typically depicted with a tall pointy hat and long white beard. Gonks are a great way to sprinkle some character into your holiday decorations this year.


5. Add Metallics for Flair

Whatever holiday decor trend you choose as your theme this year, there is always room for improvement. A great way to do that is to sprinkle a little bling into the background. Gold is a popular choice and is great because it reflects Christmas lights and candlelight making your home feel magical.


6. Pastels

Soft pastel colors were a trend for 2022 and look to carry that into the 2022 holiday season. This is because warm peaches and pink colors blend smoothly with the greens of the Christmas tree and other holiday decorations. Couple that with pearl accents, hints of white and blush flowers and you will have a vintage and glamorous home for your loved ones to visit.


7. Candlelight and Lanterns

Trending for the holiday season of 2022 is getting back to our roots of lighting a room—candles, and lanterns. Candles are a great way to add some pop to your dinner table. Use longer tapered candles on an accented base to provide a feeling of elegance. Lanterns are a great addition to your main gathering rooms to give your guest a feeling of warmth and coziness.


8. Festive Door Displays

Holiday decorating isn’t just for the interior of your home. Step it up this season with the Christmas 2022 trend of decorating your main doorway. Wreaths, lighted garlands, plants, candles and more are a great way to make your guests feel welcomed and up the curb appeal of your home.


By: Ashlyn Brooks

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